The College of New Jersey

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Ms. Rebecca A. Ostrov, Chair

Mr. Carl R. Gibbs, Vice Chair

Major General Maria Falca-Dodson

Ms. Eleanor V. Horne

Mrs. Rosie Hymerling

Mr. Brian Markison

Mr. Allen Silk

Ms. Susanne Svizeny

Ms. Tammy Tibbetts

Ms. Treby Williams

Mr. Nigel Pacheco, Student Representative Trustee

Ms. Noelle Halikman, Alternate Student Representative Trustee

Dr. Deborah Hutton, Faculty Representative

Dr. Cynthia Curtis, Faculty Representative

Dr. Crystel Maldonado, Staff Representative

Mr. Desi Fioravanti, Staff Representative

Dr. Kathryn A. Foster, President, Ex-Officio